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Ambition Dahlias

In Stock

Ambition Dahlias Dahlia Ambition (Semi-Cactus) From £3.42
American Dawn Dahlias

In Stock

American Dawn Dahlias Dahlia American Dawn (Decorative) From £3.42
American Sun Dahlias

In Stock

American Sun Dahlias Dahlia American Sun (Decorative) From £3.90
Arbatax Dahlias

In Stock

Arbatax Dahlias Dahlia 'Arbatax' From £3.76
Baccara Dahlias

In Stock

Baccara Dahlias Dahlia 'Baccara' From £5.75
Bishop of Auckland Dahlias

In Stock

Bishop of Auckland Dahlias Dahlia Bishop of Auckland (Paeony) From £3.42
Bishop of Leicester Dahlias

In Stock

Bishop of Leicester Dahlias Dahlia Bishop of Leicester (Paeony) From £3.42
Bishop of Llandaff Dahlias

In Stock

Bishop of Llandaff Dahlias Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff (Paeony) From £3.42
Boom Boom White Dahlias

In Stock

Boom Boom White Dahlias Dahlia Boom Boom White (Ball) From £3.42
Bora Bora Dahlias

In Stock

Bora Bora Dahlias Dahlia 'Bora Bora' (Semi-cactus) From £3.76
Break Out Dahlias

In Stock

Break Out Dahlias Dahlia Break Out (Decorative) From £3.42
Brown Sugar Dahlias

In Stock

Brown Sugar Dahlias Dahlia Brown Sugar (Ball) From £4.56
Burlesca Dahlias

In Stock

Burlesca Dahlias Dahlia Burlesca (Pompom) From £3.19
Cafe au Lait Dahlias

In Stock

Cafe au Lait Dahlias Dahlia Cafe au Lait (Decorative) From £3.90
Cafe au Lait Royal Dahlias

In Stock

Cafe au Lait Royal Dahlias Dahlia Cafe au Lait Royal (Decorative) From £3.90
Cafe au Lait Supreme Dahlias

In Stock

Cafe au Lait Supreme Dahlias Dahlia Cafe au Lait Supreme (Decorative) From £3.90

Unlike most Flower Bulbs, Dahlia Tubers are too tender to be suitable for planting outdoors in late Autumn or early Winter. 
If you order them now, you will reserve your favourite varieties, and we won't charge your card until your tubers are ready to shipped in May 2024.  

Dahlias are wonderfully colourful and prolific tuberous plants that fill the late summer garden with a glorious range of flowers that continue until the first frosts.

For strong establishment and the best flowering, we recommend using Bulb Starter Rootgrow blend.

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Choosing Dahlia Tubers

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Dahlias are stunning flowers and come in such a range of size and colour that it is easy to overload your border! About the only colour you won't find is a good blue. They are a superb cut flower, producing so many blooms that you can cut almost daily while maintaining a decent display outdoors.

Narrow your options by thinking first about their purpose.

If you primarily want dahlias for cutting, then pay attention to the stem strength and length, and the way the flower heads are held: nodding is usually undesirable unless your bouquets are overhead! Karma Choc is a paragon of posture and vase life.

For the best garden display, check out the varieties with multiple flower heads, and plan the colour scheme: groupings of colours that work well together tend to be more pleasing on the eye than a random patchwork where each isolated colour is surrounded by other colours.

For exhibiting, the huge decorative varieties known as giants and dinner plates are the first pick; have a look at the size of Fairway Spur or Sir Alf Ramsey.

Our premium quality Dahlia tubers are Dutch, and then the rooted cuttings and potted plants are grown here in the UK.

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