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Rootgrow Bulb Starter: 500g

Mycorrhizal Fungi for Bulbs, Corms, TubersFeefo logo

The details

  • 500g
  • Use 5g for small bulbs & corms
  • Use 10g for big bulbs & tubers
  • Improves flowering
  • Excellent for naturalising bulbs
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Bulb Starter with Rootgrow™ 500g

Specifically designed for bulbs, corms and tubers, this blend of Mycorrhizal "friendly fungi" improves flowering by helping the roots to absorb nutrients, and increases their resistance to diseases and from drying out. It is especially recommended for bulbs intended for naturalising, and/or if your soil is poor.

Use normal rootgrow for trees and shrubs.


Dig the planting hole as normal (see how deep to plant dry bulbs in Autumn or how to plant bulbs in the green in Spring) and sprinkle Bulb Starter into it. Pop the bulb in, backfill and water.

Use 5g for small bulbs or corms, and 10g for large bulbs or tubers - the instructions on the pack say that you can use up to twice as much, but in our opinion, it won't make a big difference (good old law of diminishing returns), especially if your soil is nice and fertile or if the bulbs in question do well in poor soils anyway. As ever, it's best to do your own tests and see what works in your location.