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Being one of the larger trees in the UK, lime trees are perfect for spacious British gardens and widely planted as street trees.

Are Lime Trees Native?

Tilia cordata, Tilia × europaea, and Tilia platyphyllos are all native to the UK.
The others are native to Europe and Western Asia. 

Why do Lime (Linden) Trees Have the Same Name as Lime (Citrus) Trees?

The trees are not related and have nothing in common.

The name Lime for Tilia species is derived from the Middle English lind, meaning flexible (lithe probably has the same root) referring to the timber's properties, especially the bast wood; in America, the common name is basswood, although they have their own species, Tilia americana. 

The green citrus fruit Lime (which we don't sell) takes its name from the Persian limun, which became lima in Arabic and thus Spanish, which is where English takes the word from.

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