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Limes of the Tilia family are vigorous, tough, medium to large sized trees that are happy being pollarded, and being cut back hard in general, which makes them perfect for planting beside the road in the city, where space is limited.
They also make outstanding avenue trees and few large specimens look better in a parkland or large garden setting. 

What size Lime / Linden trees should I buy?

  • If you are not in a hurry to get a full sized Lime tree, we recommend starting with the smaller 6/8cm girth size.
  • If you are in a hurry and need instant impact, then go for the 8/10cm girth size.

Standard trees are measured by their girth 1 metre above the ground, and young saplings are measured by height.
Therefore, a 6/8cm Standard Lime tree is much bigger than an 60/80cm sapling Lime tree. If a tree is available in both sizes, it will be noted in the product descriptions.

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Your Lime trees are delivered by mail order direct from our nursery, along with expert advice, friendly support, plus our Guarantee, so you can give them a whirl with complete confidence.