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Bio-degradable Hemp Mulch MatsBio-degradable Hemp Mulch Mats

Mulch Mats for Single Trees

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Hemp Mulch Mats
  • Recommended for all large trees.
  • Keeps weeds down.
  • Preserves soil moisture while your trees are establishing.
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Hemp Fibre Mulch Fabric for Single Trees

These squares of Bio-degradable mulching fabric, made from 1000g per square metre material are strongly recommended for use with standard trees and fruit trees. They suppress weeds and retain moisture, thus reducing the danger from the 2 main killers of newly planted shrubs and trees. The mats are slitted to fit around the trunk of a newly planted tree and rot down naturally after about 2 years, improving the soil as they go.

You can buy plastic pegs to pin them down - you can also make your own or use metal camping pegs. Or just push the corners of the mat into the soil with a spade. Gravel will work, but using large stones to hold the mulch down is not ideal, as they will create dry patches in the soil underneath them.

You can also buy lengths of polypropylene mulch fabric for hedges.