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Heavy Duty Tree GuardHeavy Duty Tree Guard

Heavy Duty Tree Guards

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The best guard for an established tree or a bare root standard
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Long Life Tree Guard

A heavy duty tree guard that is self-supporting, strimmer proof, spray guarded, UV stabilised and re-usable.
It can be used on newly planted standard trees as well as established trees up to 8cm in diameter. These heavy duty tree guards come split lenthways so they can be opened to fit around a tree that has wide roots at one end and wide branches at the other. The tree must have a clear stem of 120cms for the guard to fit. This is also the minimm height necessary to protect trees against damage from the smaller English and Welsh deer. Red deer require larger guards, which we do not sell.

If you are only planting trees less than 2 metres tall (i.e. not standard or half-standard sized trees), our smaller tree guards will be sufficient.