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Cosmos, Daydream

In Stock

Cosmos, Daydream Cosmea bipinnatus Daydream From £2.95
Cosmos, Dazzler

In Stock

Cosmos, Dazzler Cosmea bipinnatus Dazzler From £1.85
Cosmos, Double Click Cranberries

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Cranberries Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Cranberries From £3.85
Cosmos, Double Click Rose Bon Bon

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Rose Bon Bon Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Rose Bon Bon From £3.85
Cosmos, Double Click Snow Puff

In Stock

Cosmos, Double Click Snow Puff Cosmea bipinnatus Double Click Snow Puff From £3.85
Cosmos, Fizzy Rose Picotee

In Stock

Cosmos, Fizzy Rose Picotee Cosmea bipinnatus Fizzy Rose Picotee From £3.85
Cosmos, Sensation Purity

In Stock

Cosmos, Sensation Purity Cosmea bipinnatus Sensation Purity From £2.35
Cosmos, Velouette

In Stock

Cosmos, Velouette Cosmea bipinnatus Velouette From £3.85
Cosmos, A Cottage Garden Collection

Out of Stock

Cosmos, A Cottage Garden Collection Mix of 2 or More Varieties From £9.96
Cosmos, Antiquity

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Antiquity Cosmea bipinnatus Antiquity From £2.50
Cosmos, Candy Stripe

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Candy Stripe Cosmea bipinnatus Candy Stripe From £2.50
Cosmos, Sonata Carmine

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Sonata Carmine Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Carmine From £2.50
Cosmos, Sonata Pink

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Sonata Pink Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata Pink From £2.50
Cosmos, Sonata White

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Sonata White Cosmea bipinnatus Sonata White From £2.50
Cosmos, Xanthos

Out of Stock

Cosmos, Xanthos Cosmea bipinnatus Xanthos From £2.50

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Annual cosmos are extremely popular bedding plants and cutting flowers that bloom their socks off from May until Autumn, lasting for up to a week in a vase. They are easy to grow, ideal for containers, pretty much pest free, reaching 60-90cm tall.

We sell Cosmos seedlings in jumbo plugs. They arrive well-rooted, and ready for planting or potting.

Please note that annual plants are not covered by our guarantee, because they are not supposed to last that long!


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What are Cosmos?

Cosmos bipinnatus AKA Mexican Aster

  • Uses: Annual bedding & wonderful cutting flower
  • Plain and variegated pastel colours in white, pink & yellow
  • Flowering: May to September, 
  • Position: Full sun with decent, moisture retentive soil 
  • Growth: Up to 90cm
  • RHS Plants for Pollinators
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