Due to unprecedented demand over the past 7 days we will not be able to deliver any orders placed THIS WEEK until after Easter Monday, 14th April.


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The Prime Minister's message on 23rd March 2020 was clear that people have to stay at home if at all possible. That includes some of our customer care team, who are doing just that to manage your orders and queries.

Our pickers and packers, together with the rest of our support staff are working on a rota basis to maintain as much separation as possible at work so we can continue to deliver for as long as possible.

So please be patient if it takes a little longer than usual.

Also, remember that February was one of the wettest on record. While this delayed the lifting and dispatch of orders, it also means the planting season is longer than usual. In addition, in our cold store plants remain dormant for longer so you can plant bareroot stock well into April.


There has also been an understandable increase in the number of phone calls from customers to place orders and query progress. Unfortunately, we cannot answer them all.

So, because we are concentrating staff efforts on packing and dispatching orders we have reluctantly decide to stop taking telephone calls until further notice with immediate effect. Any orders you place online will have stock reserved against them, so you will get your plants.


We are working through email queries as quickly as we can. However, because we are getting more emails than is usual and because we have moved staff from support to picking and packing, replies will take longer than normal. It would, therefore, be enormously helpful if you only email when absolutely necessary using the link at https://www.ashridgetrees.co.uk/contact-us

We deal with the oldest emails first. Our system gathers emails relating to the same issue together and uses the most recent to prioritise the conversation. So the effect of sending multiple emails about the same thing is to push your query down the "pile". It will take longer than normal to get back to you, so please be patient.

Our customer care team enjoys speaking with you and giving good advice in normal circumstances so please bear with us at a time when we cannot do that as much as we would like.


We will stay open for business for as long as possible and will continue to supply plants.

Ashridge Nurseries wishes you all the very best - take care of yourselves, your family and friends. And remember that gardening gives you social separation, fresh air, exercise and enhances the value of your home.


Ashridge Nurseries Customer Care

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Thank you, The Ashridge Nurseries Team.

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