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Blue is the colour...

...or white or pink. Whatever you choose, the time for planting lavender is from the end of April through to June. No hurry, you say, but if you want english lavender - Hidcote  Munstead, Alba or Rosea for delivery then you really should order soon. One year old plants are in 9cm pots (delivered in May) and are perfect for window boxes.


For delivery from April - weather permitting - our 2 year old plants in 1.5 litre pots "join up" by midsummer if planted at 3 per metre. And you can also get 3 year specimen Hidcote and Munstead in 3 litre pots. They are all superb quality and we can never grow enough to meet the demand. So buy now or spend all summer regretting it!



Higher and higher...

Well not really, but we always suggest that you plant your climbers from now on. You can see what they will climb on, they have not yet put on too much growth, and spring gales are passed so they don't get blown about while settling in. Our plants are all in 2.5 litre pots or larger with good root systems and so (except for the montanas and alpinas which will flower next spring) the clematis,  honeysuckles, wisteria and jasmine will all give you flowers this summer. Climbing hydrangeas take a bit longer to settle in and flower but they are well worth the wait in that dark corner where nothing else grows....


Awesome in April

Plants that flower in April are generally bombproof as their buds will have come unaffected through the nasty weather of February and March. These are some of the "doers" of the gardening year and should be considered for almost every garden.


These are among our our favourites. See them for real if you can...  



...Rosemary and Thyme 

While you hum Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme to yourself, let your creative juices get to work on the herbs you need to order. They can arrive along with your Lavender and they are best left until then anyway to miss late frosts that kill young plants. We have a well-chosen range of herbs fit for anything from salad to casserole to cocktail to grow anywhere from herb pot, to window box to full-blown kitchen garden. Order our herb plugs now for delivery at the end of this month or during May if you prefer.



Keep on... watering

Julian always gets antsy around now. April is the month when plants really start to GROW. For that to happen, they need three things apart from being well planted. Light, heat and water. The more the first two happen (blue skies, sun shining) the less water falls from the heavens above. So please don't just plant, water well and then...leave. Water new and young plants well during dry weeks all through the summer. Do it slowly, so that the water penetrates well around the roots, rather than running off in all directions. And water heavily when you do. That way they will live, thrive and reward you with years of pleasure. 



Loveliest of Trees... 

...the cherry now, is hung with bloom along the bough... 


Too late to plant, but you could plan for the autumn and dream of the most beautiful April tree next year. Cherries are in a league of their own this month and Georgina has done them justice with her own special blend of knowledge and wit..... 


Jobs for April

That renewal of life that makes us stop and wonder at April gardens also means work - doesn't it always. Deadhead spring bulbs unless you want them to self seed, plant out your glads and dahlias, cut back dogwood and cotinus, prune ribes and forsythia...and don't forget to mow the lawn. Is there more? Oh yes, so brace yourself, go and grab a cuppa and click through to see what jobs really can't be neglected before you sink into that Radox bath.

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