February Gardening Tipsheet
Plant of the month
It may be warm at present but Snowdrops (main picture) are still the plant of February for us. Tiny and cute and as tough as old boots - they make wonderful mass plantings and look just as charming as single, self sown seedlings. And in February you can see where you would have liked to have had snowdrops. And then using bulbs in the green, you can plant them. Right here and right now. Exactly where you wanted them.
Peak Planting

February heralds prime planting time. This month and March are the best months for bareroot planting as the soil has a chance to settle, but unestablished roots are not buried in cold wet soil for too long before it begins to warm in spring. So get that garden fork and spade out and get digging.

Bulbs in the Green
Now is the time to order aconites, bluebells and snowdrops, for planting in February and March when they are at their best for “in the green”. This is when they establish most successfully. Have a look at our range of bulbs in the green.
You will want around 75 snowdrops per square metre and if you are not sure what to do, read how to plant bulbs in the green here.
A Tale of Woe
For nurseries such as ours, this has been a miserable winter. Growers are a complaining bunch - there is always something not quite right, but we are not used to working in paddy fields... take a look at the picture and see why it is so hard to promise accurate delivery dates.
For the first time, we are offering a range of herbs for your garden. These come as plugs and are delivered from late March/early April depending on the weather. We think our range has most things you will need in the kitchen and we do hope you give it a try. Why not order some to be delivered with your lavender?
Jobs for February

For the punishment gluttons amongst you, here is a full list of jobs for February that you might at least like to think about.... just remember that all the work is worth it. Beautiful summer gardens are made in winter. No pain, no gain.

Click here to view.
February Dates 
Valentine's day is on 14th February, checkout our roses for Valentine's and it is Bramley Apple week starting on the 8th of February - a perfect time to plant apple trees.
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