EnGage this Autumn

Gages are wonderful eaten raw but they cook into a splendid compote far superior to any a well-known French brand can offer. They also make a marvellous crumble and work well in pork dishes instead of prunes or plums. Which brings us to the question of the difference between gages and plums....

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Putting your Trees in Order

Weather permitting the first ornamental standards lift of the season will be later this month. If you like to plant early, please order soon as the books close for this lift in the middle of the month. Don't worry if you miss it, because we lift to order and there will be more lifts in November, December and the following months. 

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Thorny Issues

More and more communities are gated, installing electric gates and sharpening iron rails. All sensible security measures no doubt, but how about a much cheaper - and possibly more effective - alternative to all of this hardware? This is where thorny hedging comes in....

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Hips and Haws

A masterful segue from the subject of thorny hedges to... well, more thorny hedges. You can get many hedge roses, replete with thorns as well as lovely flowers and gorgeous hips, and with the right roses you can add a whole new dimension to your autumn and winter garden....

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Ivy League

The warmth of September has kept the soil temperatures at a perfect pitch for planting potted perennials and shrubs, and Ivy is no exception. People rave about ivy around now because it is one of the latest flowering nectar plants and is essential for autumn moths and butterflies....

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Got your bulbs?

Now's the time to be ordering your spring-flowering bulbs, if you haven't done so already that is. You can choose from a wide range of varieties including alliums, bluebells, crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops and tulips....

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Get on with your Work!

While you are pondering all of these suggestions and working out where your new thorn hedge is going to be and whether the site is sunny enough for a gage (or if ivy will just have to do) take a look at our Gardening tips for October and then continue the pondering outside...

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