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2 November 2012

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The bareroot season begins!

Bareroot tree ready for shipping
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Build a bird-friendly garden... and help us to support the RSPB!

RSPB bird-friendly hedging

Part of the RSPB's Homes for Wildlife initiative, our hedging pack contains a mix of 9 RSPB-approved bird-friendly species, making up a total of 50 individual plants. And 5% of all sales go directly to the RSPB.

Make a bird-friendly habitat in your garden...


Rootgrow™ - give your plants the best start

Rootgrow friendly fungi

Rootgrow is friendly fungi for your plants! It's real name is mycorrhizae, and can have a stunning impact on root establishment, growth, fruiting and more. Remember to add some Rootgrow to your next order.

Root friendly fungi with amazing results...


Ash die back disease - damaging fungus on the attack

Healthy common ash seeds

Ash die back is caused by the fungus Chalara fraxinea. The early symptoms include: leaf loss, beginning with those closest the tips of twigs; and crown dieback, starting from the tips and working back to the centre of the tree.

Are your ash trees showing any signs?


Did you receive your 2012/13 catalogue?

Have you received your catalogue?

A few weeks ago we sent out our 2012/13 catalogue - did you receive yours? If not, simply click the link below, fill out the form on our website, and we'll pop one in the post to you as soon as we can.

Request your 2012/13 catalogue now!


Recipe: Indulgent hazelnut meringue with chocolate sauce

Freshly harvested hazelnuts

This wonderfully decadent recipe uses hazelnuts in both the meringue and the filling! If you've harvested your hazelnuts and are thinking of doing a little baking, this will be right up your street.

Hazelnut meringue with praline and chocolate sauce


Topical Tip: Clearing your leaves for good garden hygiene

Raking up the leaves

Many of us might not like raking the garden, but we do know that it can give us some rich composting material for next year. But do you pay enough attention to the possibility of diseases and pests in your leaves?

Take care when dealing with dead leaves


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