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Spring Bulbs

Now is the best time of year to order bulbs in the green. To make this even easier for you we have an offer running all week where if you add four 'Bulbs in the green' packs of 25 to your basket you will receive the least expensive absolutely free. We stock snowdrops, aconites and English bluebells all of which are UK grown.

Planting bulbs in the green is generally recognised as allowing some varieties to establish better than if they were planted using stored bulbs. Your bulbs are lifted to order and will be dispatched so that they arrive in time for planting over the weekend. Why not be a little different and interplant all three - they look fantastic and grow well together under a deciduous shrub or tree or in woodland.

Get 4 'Bulbs in the green' for the price of 3

Valid until 28th Feb


Gardening Jobs for February

Even with the continued bad weather there are always jobs that can be done in the garden.

Here's a useful list of things that you could be doing this month.


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Recipe

It's Shrove Tuesday on March 4th, the day we all look forward to for our annual pancake feast!

Afterwards we declare that we should eat pancakes more often, but as we rarely do, this classic recipe is a great way to ensure you make the most of your annual treat!




Have you thought about your hedging yet?

Hedging can create privacy, define garden borders, encourage wildlife, provide year-round interest, obscure unwanted views... the list goes on!

Here is a great guide to choosing the right hedge

More than 160 hedging plants to choose from!



Rootstocks and Grafting

Fruit tree rootstocks is a fascinating subject and we've got a new blog page on how to graft a fruit tree.

You can buy rootstocks from us: Apple and Fruit Tree rootstocks



Bareroot: Roses

Roses are a traditional favourite - and relatively easy to grow too. Varieties such as You're Beautiful and Alberic Barbier always impress.

More than 190 roses to choose from!


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