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30 November 2012

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"On the first day of Christmas..."

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Avoid the Christmas rush - order your Christmas tree early!

Beautiful no-drop Nordmann fir Christmas trees

Our high-quality, luxurious Nordmann firs will stay in shape (and hold onto their needles) for up to six weeks. Why not get your tree in early, get the family together to decorate it, and enjoy its festive charms for longer?

Order early and make the most of your tree


Now's the time to plant your hedgerows

Hedge mixes, coastal hedging, native hedging - time to plant bareroot!

The wet weather has understandably delayed a lot of planting, but the benefits of getting your bareroot hedges in now, before the winter frosts arrive, are considerable. Be ready to go when the time is right!

Grab your bareroot hedging - it's plantin' time!


This cold weather - it's not all bad, y'know!

RSPB bird-friendly hedging

Gardeners, understandably, don't enjoy frosty weather. Many plants dislike it a touch too. But did you know that some plants rely on frost to help improve the following year's growth? Our resident expert Paul Hogben explains.

Read the good (and not-so-good) of cold weather


Fruit trees are shaping up

An apple tree trained into a fan

Training a single, unbranched maiden fruit tree into a fan or espalier (or what about an arch?) is hugely rewarding. And we commented recently on a Guardian article about stepovers, pointing out that stone fruit would not be a good fit - it's apples and pears all the way!

Click here for our rundown of fruit tree shapes


Recipe: Pheasant with caramelised apples and cider sauce

Ash tree Chalara dieback disease

This recipe has a double apple hit, with its cider sauce and caramelised apples on top (we recommend James Grieve if you grow them). Team it up with pheasant, or if you're less keen on game, it will go equally well with chicken.

Read the full recipe online


NEW! Photo of the month competition - three prizes to be won!

Enter our photo competition, win one of three prizes!

As lovers of the outdoors, it's inevitable that we're also lovers of beautiful photos of nature. If you're handy with a camera, why not send us your snaps? The best three win £50, £35 and £25 to spend with us!

Find out how you can win in our photo competition


Weather woes

Everbearing buddy strawberry plant

Wet weather plays havoc at the nursery. When the ground is sodden, we can't use our usual tools to lift the plants, causing delays and frustration for customers (very sorry...). But spare a thought for British farmers, who've had a terrible year, and another one in prospect.

Oi, weather, you're a muddy mischief


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New style email newsletter

Well, this is our third new-style email newsletter - do you like it? We hope so! If you have any comments, do feel free to drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you. Oh, and we now have our newsletters in a little online library!

Browse our newsletters here


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RSPB-approved bird-friendly hedging

RSPB bird-friendly hedging

5% of every purchase of our bird-friendly hedging mix goes to the RSPB. And if, like us, you're into building and protecting bird habitats, why not register with the RSPB's Homes for Wildlife initiative?

Build a bird-friendly garden and support the RSPB


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