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Sunshine and lavender... a sure sign of summer!
Order your English lavender today
A sunny forecast coincides happily with our lavender season - order today!
From Egyptian mummies to formal gardens
  Order your English lavender!
  Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has been an important culinary and ornamental plant since before Egyptian times. Read our blog for more lavender facts!

The English lavender season is now here, so why not take a look at our Hidcote and Munstead varieties?

The story of lavender | Order your lavender
Lavender recipes from best-selling author Andy Hamilton!
  Lavender recipes from Andy Hamilto
  Best-selling author Andy Hamilton shares two lavender-based recipes with us from his Booze for Free book. Thanks Andy!

And our English lavender is just perfect for these brews.

Andy Hamilton's lavender mead and cordial recipes
Ashridge Nurseries goes peat and neonicotinoid free
  Ashridge Nurseries goes peat and neonicotinoid free
  Last month, Ashridge Nurseries took the decision to stop using neonicotinoid pesticides and peat-based composts.

It will make growing strong, pest-free plants just a little more difficult, but we think it's worth the effort. We hope you'll agree.

No peat or neonicotinoids at Ashridge Nurseries
A little summer planting? Something for the patio?
  Pot-grown plants for summer planting
  Most planting is done over winter, when plants are dormant. But sometimes, you need to fill that gap in the border, or maybe add a little extra pot to the terrace.

We've created a new section that shows you only container-grown plants, and only those we have in stock. We hope you find a little inspiration in there!

Pot-grown plants for summer planting
Soft fruits - 2013 promises bumper crops!
  Soft fruits prmoise bumper crops in 2013
  Our black, white and redcurrants are looking particularly vibrant after the cold spring.

Given a half decent summer, most fruits will have a prolific crop. But we're down to the last few on some varieties...

Currants! And some berries too!
IMPORTANT! Keep newly planted trees and hedging well-watered
  Water newly planted trees and hedging well
  Warm, dry weather is a long-awaited, welcome change for us humans.

But for newly planted trees, hedging, bushes and shrubs, it can be a real killer.

Please make sure you water them well!
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  We try to post new tips, planting advice, and other gardening goodness as much as we can on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

We're always ready and willing to answer your questions and we love to hear about your own gardening exploits!

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