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8 February 2013

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February gardening jobs

Gardening jobs for February

It's always comforting to get back out in the garden after some rough winter weather. Seeing buds on the move reminds us that we'll very soon see our gardens at their best - as long as we get the after-winter jobs done!

A few ideas for jobs to do in February


We need more berries and currants in the garden

Berries and currants are great for wildlife

BBC Nature last week reported that some UK moth species had declined by up to 99%. More berry and currant plants in UK gardens could help reverse the trend. Great for birds too - and not to mention great to eat!

Put some berries and currants in your garden mix


Have you seen our new Rootgrow checkout calculator?

NEW Rootgrow checkout calculator

At the checkout, we now give you the option to add just the right amount of Rootgrow to your order, based on the plants in your basket. Rootgrow is used just once, at planting time. It greatly improves establishment and helps nourish the plant for life - 100% organic too.

Read more about Rootgrow


Photo competition: Last month's winners, and a new theme!

February photo competition winner

You can now see last month's winning photos, and all the shortlisted entries, on Pinterest. 1st place (and a £50 voucher) goes to R Tabberer, who sent in this fantastic close-cropped photo of a red rose.

Our theme for March is 'First flowers'...

...email us your photos by 21 February


It's Bramley Apple Week!

Bramley Apple Week

A whole week devoted to the Bramley apple! And rightly so. The offspring of that one tree in Nottinghamshire has found its way into pretty much every home in Britain. Well done that apple!

Bramley apples - and many more!


Focus on: Beech

Focus on: Beech

Beech is our best selling hedging plant, and also makes a fantastic specimen in standard tree form. Beech has a knack of producing some of the best year-round foliage, with warm and changing colours from its lush leaves.

Browse our varieties of beech


Recipe: Rhubarb chutney

Recipe: Rhubarb chutney

Rhubarb season has started, and if you can find yourself a bunch or two (which will probably be Timperley Early), why not skip the crumble and try this tempting chutney recipe from The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy.

Rhubarb chutney (with some surprising spices!)


Fruit tree pruning - stay sharp with our videos

Know your pruning

Whether you're planting a new fruit tree, or doing some second or third year cutting back, we've made a selection of instructional videos to help guide those secateurs!

Pruning a fruit tree maiden

Pruning a 2-year old tree

Pruning a 3-year old tree


It's a social thing

Follow Ashridge Nurseries on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

You can follow Ashridge Nurseries on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There's always some great gardening discussion going on, with advice, special offers and more. Why not join us?

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Request your 2012/13 catalogue

Fill out the form on our website and we'll pop our new 2013 catalogue in the post to you, free of charge. It comes with a special code that you can give to a friend, saving them £20 on their first order! (minimum £35 spend excluding VAT and delivery)

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Help the RSPB with our bird-friendly hedging

RSPB bird-friendly hedging

5% of every purchase of our bird-friendly hedging mix goes to the RSPB. And remember hedging doesn't just mean straight lines - you can get a wild, natural feel by planting in clumps and drifts...

Just £58.00+VAT per pack (Bulk discounts available!)


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