A few garden jobs for April

April Jobs

April is such an exciting month in the garden; colour has returned with all the glorious spring bulbs, seeds are sprouting, and that bright flush of lime green new growth lights up the trees and hedgerows.

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Setting Fire To The Rain – Salix alba ‘Chermesina’

Salix alba ‘Chermesina’
There is one genus that has been thriving throughout this wet weather. Three months of torrential downpours and grey skies reminds us why no gardener should overlook the Willow genus. Let us not long for spring but instead linger in this damp moment a while. Whether your garden is big or small, it is time to make sure that when you look out of your window next January, there is a fire amongst the rain.
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A few garden jobs for February

February Jobs

Spring is just around the corner, and blooms are already starting to appear – daffodils and crocuses seem to be popping up all over the place. Where does the time go?

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Our Top Tips For The Season

We are offering our favourite top tips for this time of year. It’s one way to reduce your waistline after a period when it is traditional to be over-indulgent.

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Create a winter wonderland


Winter pruning

Plants with colour and form are key ingredients
in a bright, uplifting winter garden

The lyrics to “In the bleak midwinter” don’t offer the best encouragement for getting out in the garden. But with a few thoughtful planting choices you can be “Walking in a winter wonderland!”

The low golden sun shining and sparkling on frosty branches and foliage is a wonder of the season, and is something to be truly celebrated.

Although you may not want to be out in the garden that much in the depths of winter, it is still important to provide yourself with enticing views from the house.

Most important are front gardens and pathways to your doors. These are places that – in rain, sleet and snow – you’ll be passing through on a daily basis.

And it’s where you welcome your visitors. These are places you want to feel proud of, and to get great enjoyment from, in all seasons.
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