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Wild Rose Bushes

Varieties of Wild & Native Roses - Rosa Species

These bareroot wild rose bushes are all suitable for use in a hedge. The native dog rose is the most commonly used for hedging because it is the cheapest and qualifies for conservation hedge grants. Wild roses will make a secure, if a bit untidy, hedge by themselves, but it is best to interplant them in a mixed hedge with Hawthorn or Blackthorn to give it more structure, especially on a windy site. All our wild rose plants are grown outdoors from seed.

Wild Roses:
Dog Rose, Field Rose, Sweet Briar, Glaucous and Scotch Rose are all native in Britain.

Native Roses:
The Ramanas and Multiflora roses hail from Japan and Asia.

Which Wild Rose is best for Hedging?
All the wild roses are excellent for use in a mixed hedge with other woody plants. They are all great for wildlife and very thorny.
Ramanas and Scotch Roses have the strongest suckering habits and will make the best hedges without support from other plants.
Dog Rose
, Field Roses, Sweet Briar and Multifloras are the best climbers and ramblers, capable of climbing adult trees, making their way through quite dense shade to burst into flower up in the canopy. As hedge plants, they should be interplanted with trees like Hawthorn to give structure.
Glaucous roses
have lush foliage and pretty flowers, ideal for brightening up any mixed hedge.
Our mixed native hedge packs often contain Dog, Ramanas or Sweet Briar roses.

Delivery information:
The planting and delivery season for bareroot wild rose plants is November - March.
Choose your delivery week during checkout. We will not charge your card until your plants are being packed for shipping. You will receive an e-mail the day before your plants are due to arrive. We use a 24 hour courier service.
All the plants you buy from our nursery are Guaranteed for 1 Year.
Please contact us on 01963 359 444 or support@ashridgetrees.co.uk if you have any questions.


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