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Earliblue Blueberries

Key Data
Misc Self fertile
Shade Partial Shade
Soil Acidic, Wet
Fruiting Early Fruiting
Type Eating

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Earliblue Blueberry Bushes

These are blueberry plants for the addict! Earliblue complements Chandler as it starts fruiting at the beginning of July, so adding four weeks of picking in your bed of blueberry plants. The berries are large, quite a light blue and sweet and Earliblue makes harvesting easy as the fruit are carried in good sized clusters. Like any blueberry, not only do the berries taste good, but they are jam packed with anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents.

Earliblue is bigger than Chandler, growing to about 180 cms - 5ft 9" cms. It has strong shoots and large, glossy foliage. Like all blueberry plants it needs moist, acidic, free-draining soil to crop well. Blueberries are members of the heather family and should be given the same growing conditions as other heather. If you have not grown blueberry plants before, or for more information on how to grow blueberries outside, take a look at our Guide to Growing Blueberry Plants in Open Ground.

You can also grow blueberries in pots or tubs. If that is for you, why not look at our Guide to Growing Blueberry Plants in Containers.

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