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Tulipa Blueberry Ripple

The Blueberry part of the name of this tulip is very accurate for the petals are blessed with that elusive purply-blue or indigo of our favourite breakfast treat. But we have to say that although very beautiful, this tulip is less ripple and more splotch because the blueberry bit is very much anchored at the base of each white petal and then smudges up into the rest of the petal to a greater or less extent. Piebald more nearly describes the effect and jolly arresting it is. With lance-shaped leaves and a strong stem to support its large flowers, Blueberry Ripple demands attention.

Blueberry Ripple in the Garden

This is a tulip that does not need any other added ingredients to make it a visual feast in itself. Not for the faint hearted, it will make a bold statement in large pots on your terrace or will shout to the rooftops from any balcony or window box. Take a look at the foliage in your herbaceous borders and Blueberry Ripple will stand out well against any of the darker leaved Phloxes or Eupatoriums or Dahlias. In terms of other tulips, obviously White Dream would blend well but for an all out ripply, frilly look splash out on the gorgeous and utterly one-off Sweet Flag or Hemisphere - both tulips with random pink and white colouring.


  • Height: 45 cm
  • Colour: white and blueberry/purple
  • Flowering time: April/May
  • Scent: fragrant
  • Group: Triumph
  • Bulb size: 10/11 cm
  • Foliage: green

Blueberry blurb

The blueberry has become such a popular fruit because not only does it taste wonderful but it is very good for you too. The reason for this is because it is full of anti-oxidants found in the anthocyanins that cause the blue colour. Although some suggest that tulips can be used as edible flowers, many people do have an allergic reaction to them, so however edible the Blueberry Ripple tulip looks we recommend you restrict them to the cutting bed and not the kitchen garden.

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