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The President Clematis Plants

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The details

  • Violet Blue flowers
  • Semi-double or single rosettes
  • Repeat flowering
  • Grows to 3m x 1m
  • Type: Early large-flowered
  • Habit: Climber
  • Pruning group 2
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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The President Clematis

The President produces huge 18cm diameter blooms of intense violet-blue with slightly paler bars, and creamy yellow and wine-red stamens.
They flower prolifically throughout the summer and again in autumn providing a valuable shock of colour in the garden over the whole season, and the show is followed by lovely spiky seedheads. 

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Great for your garden:

'The President' is a fantastic choice for growing up over a frame such as a pergola or an archway or covering a wall or trellis. It looks particularly good when grown through climbing roses. It can also be used in the border where it can be grown over a structure such as an obelisk or grown through a host shrub.

Being fairly compact, it does well in large containers on a patio or trained along a balcony.

It comes with the RHS Award of Garden Merit due to its excellent performance in the garden.


  • Flower colour: Deep violet-blue
  • Flower shape: Large, single, open star, overlapping petals
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • Repeating: Yes
  • Approximate flowering season: June - September
  • Final height and spread: 3m x 1m
  • Type: Early large-flowered
  • Habit: Climber
  • Pruning group 2
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit

Look out for:

As with all Clematis, 'The President' may be affected by caterpillars, earwigs and aphids. Hand pick where possible, or spray if infestations get too heavy.

Disinfect all tools after handling diseased material!

Did You Know?

Bred by Charles Noble in the late 1870's, 'The President' is still extremely popular. Charles Noble was a nurseryman who, in the mid 1800's, opened the Sunningdale Nursery near Bagshott in Surrey. At its peak, the nursery is said to have lined either side of a road busy with horse-drawn carts for nearly a mile.

Noble himself had a reputation for his explosive temper, and it is said that customers who dared venture into the establishment unannounced often bore the brunt of it.

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Planting and Care Instructions

How to grow 'The President' Clematis:

'The President' Clematis can be grown easily following the Clematis planting guide.

  • Plant in full sun or partial shade
  • Will grow in any well drained but moist, fertile soil
  • Provide support through wires, trellis or frame
  • Great trained through climbing or rambling roses - particularly good with white or pale pink blooms. Or try it with bright intense pink blooms for a real shock!
  • Can be trained over a medium to large sized shrub - good with gold or lime green foliage
  • Good for training up through small ornamental or fruiting trees
  • Can be grown in large containers. Mulch annually and feed throughout the growing season
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