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Mixed Triumph Tulip Bulbs (Tulipa - Mixed Triumph)Mixed Triumph Tulip Bulbs (Tulipa - Mixed Triumph)

Mixed Triumph Tulip Bulbs

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The details

  • Height: 45 cm
  • Colour: various
  • Flowering time: late April/May
  • Scent: some fragrant
  • Group: Triumph
  • Foliage: green
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Triumph Tulips Mix

The Triumph tulips are the largest group of tulips and fill the flowering gap between the early and late tulips. They are all mid-height and so can be safely used anywhere in the garden without falling over and all share the same characteristic of being single flowered but brilliantly coloured. What is fantastic about Triumph tulips is the longevity of their flowers which last for about six weeks making them worth their weight in gold in terms of the impact they can make on a spring garden. Some are fragrant as well but without exception they are robust, decorative and reliable. This collection is made up from five varieties selected from:

  • Ivory White Dream with its golden stamens
  • Purple Negrita tulip so beloved by garden designers and a proper perennial to boot
  • The brilliant buttercup yellow Caractere
  • Shot with pink and white Hemisphere a variety where no flower is the same
  • Purple-indigo and white Blueberry Ripple a piebald tulip which looks infinitely better than it sounds

If that little lot doesn't get the creative juices, we don't know what will!!! Please note the selection must necessarily be ours as availability can be scarce with these rarer tulips. We may substitute, but we are proud of our collections and always try to make sure that you receive what is described here as a minimum.

All roads lead to Rome

These tulips will make the most versatile and stunning addition to your spring garden. We think that the opposite ends of the colour wheel found in the colour spectrum represented by Caractere and Negrita are stunning while the more showy Hemisphere is set off by the simple White Dream...but who are we to say? All of these tulips will work well in pots or borders or cascading down banks or along drives or almost anywhere, so long as you do not cut down their foliage before it has died.

Triumph Tulip Trivia

The reason why Triumph tulips are perhaps the most important category of tulip is because they are a cross between the single early tulips with their classic tulip shape and the Darwin tulips which have enormous flowers with stunningly brilliant colours. The sum of these two is greater than their parts and the wizardry results in the long-lasting Triumph with the enormous range of colours and patterns you can see in all the catalogues that they have inspired.