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Chandler Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum Chandler) 1Chandler Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum Chandler) 1Chandler Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum Chandler) 2

Chandler Blueberry Plants

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Chandler'

The details

  • Height: 1.5 m
  • Harvest: end July into September
  • Our latest cropping variety.
  • Fruit: Large, up to 2g. Juicy yet firm, best eaten fresh
  • Self fertile, but best grown with a partner
  • Spacing: 1.2 m apart
  • Soil: Acidic
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Chandler Potgrown Blueberry Bushes

Chandler blueberries have almost everything, and could have been designed for amateur growing. The taste is outstanding, the berries are large - they can be over 2 grams in weight and the fruiting period is enormous; from the beginning of August through to the end of September. All this in a superfood with high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents. And you can get bigger crops each year as your plants increase in size. For an even longer cropping season, have a look at the rest of our range of blueberry plants 

As blueberry plants go, Chandler is upright, growing to about 150 cm - 4ft 6" and easy to cultivate.

Remember that all blueberries need moist, free-draining acidic soil to fruit. They are members of the heather family and so need ericaceous soil conditions. Take a look at our Guide to Growing Blueberry Plants. Blueberries do very well in pots, tubs and other containers.

What to expect

Bareroot plants


Bareroot plants have no soil around the roots. They are light, easy to carry and plant.

Perfect for Winter

The ground tends to be wet in winter, ideal for planting bareroot plants.

Value for money

You pay less for the same size bareroot plants, compared to potted.


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