Blueberry Plants

Blueberry plants for sale for growing in containers or in open ground (in acid soil) that crop through the summer. Container grown and so available all year round. View our other Soft Fruit Bushes if you're after something else. 

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    • Height: 1.2 m
    • Harvest: late July/August
    • Fruit: large, blue berries
    • Taste: dessert/culinary
    • Pollination: self fertile, but best to grow with another blueberry
    • Spacing: 1.2 m apart
    • Soil: Acidic
    From £7.25

  1. Chandler is our latest ripening Blueberry, Cropping in late July to August. From £7.25

  2. Duke ripens slightly later than Earliblue, usually in mid-late July. From £7.25

  3. Earliblue is our earliest cropping Blueberry. Ripens from Early July. From £5.25

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