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Plant barerooted trees during winter and spring and container grown the rest of the year. Both are easily planted as can seen in our Fruit Tree Planting Video. We carefully select virus free rootstocks and budwood (from our stock plants) before grafting, which is highly skilled work and so we are proud of our quality trees. These are all available as one year old maidens (a maiden fruit tree is the basic "building block" from which all fruit tree shapes are produced).

You can also find most of our varieties as ready pruned two year fruit trees as well; generally in bush and/or half-standard shapes but those that are suitable are also grown as cordons. Ashridge Nurseries grows over 130 varieties of fruit tree for sale online; these are chosen to provide a range of old and new fruit varieties, suitable for a range of uses, local climates and garden locations. Many of the varieties we sell are also pot-grown for year round delivery.

For ease of selection our fruit trees for sale are categorised as

Apple Trees

Cherry Trees

Fig, Medlar and Quince Trees

Nut Trees

Pear Trees

Plum Trees, Gages Damsons and Mirabelles

Fruit tree rootstocks can cause some confusion so you can see the rootstocks we use below. In simple terms a rootstock controls the eventual size of fruit trees. A Bramley apple on a vigorous rootstock is a lot bigger than a Bramley on a dwarfing rootstock although the apples are the same. If you are interested you can read more about Rootstocks here.

Table of Rootstocks used with Ashridge Nurseries Fruit Trees.

Maiden Cordon Bush Half-Standard
Apple Trees MM106
Pear Trees Quince A
Quince C
Quince A
Quince A
Cherry Trees Colt
N/A Colt
Plum, Gage, Damson, Bullace & Mirabelle Treess St Julien A
N/A Pixy
St Julien A

All our Fruit Trees for Sale are VAT Free.

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