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Vranja Quince Trees | Cydonia oblonga Vranja

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Vranja Quince

Vranja - Quince trees (which are now know as Cydonia oblonga rather than Pyrus cydonia) produce wonderfully scented fruit which when ripe are almost gold in colour. The quince is a native of Iranian mountainsides and as such is extremely hardy but Vranja quince trees, like all quinces need some sun to fruit well. As it is planted further north, Vranja needs an increasingly warm spot, and by the time it gets to Yorkshire, a sunny wall is necessary for reliable crops.

As well as being edible, quinces trees are most ornamental and look as good as the centre piece of a lawn as your average ornamental. Vranja - like Meeches Prolific the other quince treethat does well in the UK is self-fertile. It flowers in May and carries heavy crops of very fragrant fruit - quinces were once used as room fresheners - which can be picked in September and October.

If you want to buy quince trees and have never grown them before, this is probably the best to try


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