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Tilia platyphyllos | Broad Leaved Lime Tree | Bareroot Saplings

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Large Leaved Lime Plants - Delivered by Mail Order from the Nursery with a 1 Year Guarantee

The Large Leaved Lime tree, Tilia platyphyllos, is a large, vigorous native plant which is often used in city parks or roadsides. It responds well to regular pruning and it is very pollution tolerant.
Large Leaved Limes are not suitable for a clipped hedge.
It can be grown as a screening or roadside tree up to about 35 metres high. It is a good, tall windbreak tree.
You can also buy the red-twigged lime, Tilia platyphyllos Rubra, from our nursery in large standard sizes.
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Large Leaved Lime saplings are only delivered bareroot, during winter (Nov-March).
All of our young trees and shrubs are measured by their height in centimetres above the ground (the roots aren't measured).

General description of Tilia platyphyllos:
Common Names: Large Leaved lime / linden, Broad leaf lime / linden.
This tree has small, honey scented flowers in early summer, before most other lime trees, which are great for bees. The aphids that live on this sap-rich tree will make a sticky mess on a car parked underneath the canopy, but they also provide food for other bugs and many birds. A wide range of caterpillars also like this tree. It has large, heart shaped dark green leaved leaves.
Mature trees can become very big when planted in the open, spreading into a 25 metre wide, upright dome of intricate branches and a graceful, dark trunk that ends in prominent, python like-roots. Smaller branches sweep down close to the ground, providing plenty of shade. The dark green leaves have pale bellies and are famous for being very popular with insects, including the caterpillars of many moths and butterflies; the Lime Hawk moth itself is one of Britain's most common large moths.

History & uses of Tilia platyphyllos
This tree and the Small leaf lime, Tilia cordata, are the parents of the Common Lime tree, Tilia x europaea. The freshly burst spring leaves are edible. The young flowers can be infused into a naturally sweet tea, but be sure to only use them when they are new: older flowers can make you feel ill. The fibres of the inner bark are excellent for making into cords & ropes.


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