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Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabrics such as Permatex/Mypex ease ground preparation and eliminate the need to weed if they are used when you are planting your hedge. Mulch mats do the same when planting fruit and ornamental trees. These two products are among the most important planting accessories we sell.

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  1. Jute Mulch Mats
    • Recommended for all large trees.
    • Keeps weeds down.
    • Preserves soil moisture while your trees are establishing.
    From £1.89

  2. Rolls of weed suppression fabric in varying lengths & the necessary amount of ground pegs to secure it. From £19.49

  3. Rolls of weed suppression fabric (or Mulch mats), without pegs. From £16.95

  4. Pegs for Mulch Fabric From £0.08

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