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  • Nature in the Garden

      Michael with barn owl chicks to be ringed All too often, when I express my passion for wildlife and the natural world, for birds, butterflies, flora and fauna, I am filled with the sense that I am somehow being ‘indulged’ by those that are listening –that I am an...
  • Bee Blog - June 2014

      Honey bee on a raspberry flower We are almost all obsessed by the weather in this country and, if you’re not careful, listening to weather forecasts can seriously damage your health. It seems as though the forecasters have to put a bad spin on what they tell us, and...
  • Roses – to climb or to ramble?

    Sombreuil climbing rose People always say that you give the presents that you actually want yourself but I am not sure that that is right because one of the best presents I have received were ten bare root roses from a complete non-gardener friend of mine who loathes roses because...

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