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Autumn 2013 Photo Competition Winners

Photo competition winners

Last year we set an autumn photo competition and we had a fantastic response. You can see a lot of the entries on our Pinterest page.

We had a fun time deciding on the winners and there are some fantastic photos. Here are the winners.

First place winner

A £50 voucher goes to Julie in Bedfordshire for this fantastic view of an autumnal avenue of trees.

First place

Second place

A £35 voucher goes to Anna in Kent for this lovely shot showing the great colours you can get in Autumn, we especially likes the reflected trees in the water.

Second place

Third place

A £25 voucher goes to Barney in London for this shot of a child playing with leaves. Very playful and a great sentiment.

Third place

For the next competition we're asking for photos that reflect the weather we've been having. Dramatic, tranquil, cold, early spring. You decide. You've got until March 31st to get them to us.

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