• I’m Dreaming of a Sustainable Christmas 

    Christmas is a time of celebration, family and good cheer, but it can also be consumerist, wasteful and exhausting. With shops, the internet and the media advocating the purchase of more and more presents, mounds of plastic and wrapping paper sent to landfill, and the risk of food waste piling...
  • Win A Free Christmas Tree Competition

    We're starting to think about Christmas, which is a while away, but we wanted to give our readers an opportunity to win a Christmas tree. All you need to do is email with the subject line: FREE CHRISTMAS TREE. The competition ends on 25th Oct 2019. You will be entered...
  • UK Grown Plants

    Many of our customers ask us whether our plants are grown in the UK. Ashridge Nurseries can say that "by number of different species of plant sold - the vast majority are UK grown". In terms of a percentage - 90% are UK grown. We have several production nurseries in...
  • All I want for Christmas ...

    Christmas presents can be an emotive subject for gardeners. There are always so many things a gardener wants to find under the tree on Christmas morning. But, please, not another fork and trowel set (with obligatory floral design). And no more gardeners’ soaps or hand creams. I have a pile...
  • Christmas trees - last chance!

    It is the last chance saloon for those in denial about the imminent onset of Christmas. To save on traipsing around, children in tow and ice on the road, the answer to "Where do we get a lovely, non-droppy-needle, symmetrical Christmas tree?", is "Right here!". We have allocated most of...
  • Forewarned is fair warning...

    Christmas is not quite upon us but its promoters warm up earlier every year. So, if you looked at half the magazines out there you might think it was only a few days away. And of course, in a sense, it is. So, here is a timely reminder that the...
  • Hips and Haws

    Rosa rugosa makes a truly decorative hedge on its own or mixed with other hedge plants, especially if the plants are in the sun so that they flower well. Choose vibrant pink or purest white flowers for your summer interest and then enjoy the enormous orange gobstoppers of hips that...
  • The Threes Cs - and yes, one is for Christmas

    At this time of year so full of cheer, rather than linger on the 3 Ds (relevant and on the rise at Christmas time but hardly the stuff of a Yuletide (b)log …sorry…) one can take a single step back to find the 3 Cs lurking and provoking thoughts for gardeners...
  • Winter 2014/15 - Photo Competition

    Our Winter 2014 photo competition is open for entries!

    Winter is coming and autumn colours become richer. It is a late autumn and the hedgerows still have leaf and berry (and even flowers). But we may get snow, and surely frost. Birds will be coming closer to human dwellings hunting through hedging looking for food and water as will badgers, foxes, squirrels not to mention Heffalumps and Woozles...

    Water looks great at this time of year and black and white photography comes into its own as we get closer to Christmas. Oh - did someone mention c-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s ? A whole bunch of photo opportunities there.

    So our Winter photo competition aims to capture all of the above – the themes this time are:

    "A Spirit of Christmas..." or "A Winter's Tale"

    The closing date for entries is midnight on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2015. The three winners will be contacted via email by 20th February.

    There's nearly £200 in vouchers up for grabs so give it a shot!
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  • Our Top Tips Of The Season: no.11

    We love viburnums


    Like many gardeners, we love viburnums and have even uprooted and taken various viburnum plants with us on the odd occasion we have moved house. Continue reading

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