Our favourite Christmas evergreens

  The Christmas Tree For some Christmas is not Christmas without a Christmas tree (real or fake) but when did it all start and why? A matter of Germanic fashion… The first use of Christmas trees as they’re known today dates back to the 1500s. Some claim the tree originated in Germany in the mid… Continue reading Our favourite Christmas evergreens

Freezing weather & bareroot plants

Most of the damage caused to bareroot plants in cold, freezing conditions is to the delicate roots themselves. The roots are fine, fibrous structures with a high water content: moving them, or even the slightest touch whilst frozen, can cause damage. Almost all of a shrub or a tree’s energy reserves are stored in the… Continue reading Freezing weather & bareroot plants

Cooking with Cider?

How about pheasant with caramelised apple and cider sauce!   Ingredients (to serve 2-4) 1 pheasant 1 tbsp flour 1 onion, sliced and chopped up finely 2 garlic cloves, chopped and sliced finely 1 bottle of your favourite cider – roughly 500ml Handful of thyme 3 bay leaves Dollop of cream (optional) Seasoning ½ tsp… Continue reading Cooking with Cider?

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