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Flower Bulbs

  • What's in a name?

    Forgive me for boasting, but I understand how Latin plant names work. Learning about botanical nomenclature is one of my proudest achievements (it’s up there with touch-typing and mastering choux pastry). But I also understand that a lot of people don’t get it at all. It looks confusing. And unnecessary...
  • New beginnings

    There’s no escaping it, January is hardly fun packed. After the jollity and cosy indulgences of December, it hits us full on with its chill, dark days and its unreasonable demands to live life more mindfully, more healthily, less lazily. But it’s a brand new year, and – believe it...
  • All About Alliums...

    Alliums start flowering in mid-May and, depending on your variety, continue to do so from to the end of July with their lovely, frozen firework flowers. Alliums have become very "de jour" because their colours range from steely metallic shades to the deepest, velvety purple and because their perfect circular...
  • Plain or patterned tulips?

    Even with such a long, illustrious history, some of the tulips bulbs we have for sale can have a very minimalist up to date look. Use plain coloured tulips like White Dream or purple Negrita to achieve this. Lots of tulips are multi-coloured - Blueberry ripple, the ardent Burning Heart...
  • Traditional or Exotic Tulips?

    Our tulips for sale come in a range of shapes, sizes colours and complexities while the Dutch tourist board tulip has a simple oval shape as best exemplified by Triumph or Single Early Tulips  - both of which have a large range of colours. The pared down flower creates a different...
  • Where can you plant your tulip bulbs?

    Everyone is familiar with tulips in pots, and many of the bulbs we sell are well suited for the purpose, but a prevailing wind will swiftly flatten any top-heavy parrot tulips, even with support, while low growing flowers will be lost to view in a pot at the end of...
  • What is the best time to plant Tulips?

    Many tulips in our range flower at different times; the really tough tulips like the dwarf Kaufmanniana and Greigii, see pink Heart's Delight and red and white striped Pinocchio, will break through the frosts of March to reveal charming open flowers. Most of the standard Dutch style tulips bloom in April...
  • Is it a Bulb? Is it a Corm? (...and what is the difference?)

    Why do gardeners love flowering bulbs so much? If you think of some of our favourite flowers through the seasons—snowdrops in winter, daffodils in spring, lilies in summer, the Christmas amaryllis and the now so trendy alliums — then bulbs are an integral part of our gardening culture. But what...
  • Bulbs to brighten your world



    Bulbs are among the best value for money performers of the spring garden, bringing glorious colour to even the most challenging of environments year after year with precious little effort on your part. From the first snowdrops of early spring, through glorious carpets of crocus and narcissus, to the allium pompoms of early summer, our flower bulbs for sale provide freshness, fragrance and colour – and often when little else is happening in the garden. And they have long been admired the world over for their ornamental values... Continue reading

  • Deadheading Daffodils

    Deadheading Daffodils

    Daffodils and Narcissi are undoubtedly among our most cherished and adored spring flowers and they form a large part of our collection of flowering bulbs. The cheery flashes of bright canary yellow along our roadsides and verges heralds the start of spring and tempts us with summery thoughts of the sunshine to come.

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