Why Didn’t My Daffodils Flower this Year?

Daffodils (Narcissus) are perennial bulbs whose lifespan varies depending on the particular species and cultivar, the growing conditions and care, or lack thereof!  With the correct selection of Narcissus and proper care, you can expect individual bulbs to come back for several years. Before an individual bulb perishes, it is a common sight to see… Continue reading Why Didn’t My Daffodils Flower this Year?

When Should You Cut Back Your Spent Bulbs?

Is there anything more restorative than the first flowers of spring? Apart from spring flowers plus kittens wearing watermelon helmets, obviously? March is the time to enjoy the full array of spring bulbs – a rich reward for the aching back and sore knees from our efforts in Autumn. After such a wet winter, it… Continue reading When Should You Cut Back Your Spent Bulbs?

All About Alliums…

Alliums start flowering in mid-May and, depending on your variety, continue to do so from to the end of July with their lovely, frozen firework flowers. Alliums have become very “de jour” because their colours range from steely metallic shades to the deepest, velvety purple and because their perfect circular shape defies belief, even probability.… Continue reading All About Alliums…

Is it a Bulb? Is it a Corm?

And what is the difference anyway? Why do gardeners love flowering bulbs so much? If you think of some of our favourite flowers through the seasons—snowdrops in winter, daffodils in spring, lilies in summer, the Christmas amaryllis and the now so trendy alliums — then bulbs are an integral part of our gardening culture. But… Continue reading Is it a Bulb? Is it a Corm?

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