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Planting raspberry canes


Planting rasperries

There's little to beat the taste of a well-grown
raspberry – choose your varieties well and you'll
be cropping for months!

Getting the best from your raspberry canes means remembering just a few very important points. And here they are!

    1. Prepare the planting area well in advance to ensure that all weeds are removed. Then keep the planting area weed free at all times.
    2. Enrich the soil with no more than 25% of an appropriate improver when planting.

  1. Don’t plant too deep. Raspberries are shallow-rooted plants – planting too deep can kill them off.
    • Look for a darker 'tide mark' near the bottom of the cane – this is the depth it was planted to at the nursery. You might need to wash a bit of mud off to find it, but it will be there. Always plant shallow if you're not sure.
  2. After planting, don’t cut back the cane lower than 25cm (10 in). New growth will shoot from the cane, so leave plenty above ground.
  3. Water well, ensuring that those shallow roots are kept moist (though not waterlogged) until well established.
    • Because they are shallow-rooted, most raspberry failures come through lack of water, especially during dry spring and summer periods. Pay them due attention and they will reward you time and again!
  4. Top-dress with bonemeal in the spring as per the recommendation for your plant.

What about raspberries for your patio?

How about planting raspberry canes into a containers for your patio or terrace? Use a rich compost for mature plants (such as John Innes no. 3) to give your raspberries a healthy potted environment, pop it in a sunny corner, keep it watered, and enjoy.

Happy planting!

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