• Have a horticultural Halloween!


    Halloween plants

    When it comes to plants at Halloween, it's about
    much more than pumpkins...

    The origins of Halloween are thought to be rooted in the Celtic celebration of Samhain, a festival to mark the season of bringing in the harvests in preparation for winter.

    It was thought that on this day, the 31 October, the boundaries between the worlds became blurred.

    The dead returned to haunt the living, causing terrible catastrophe and illness.

    Many myths and legends surround this day, with various rituals being performed in order to protect people from wandering evil spirits, as well as to predict fortunes and destinies.
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  • Get planting for National Tree Week 2013!


    National Tree Week

    National Tree Week 2013 runs from 23 November
    through to 1 December ... get involved!

    National Tree Week is the UK's largest celebration of trees, and is organised by The Tree Council.

    Running from 23 November to 1 December it heralds the start of the British tree planting season.

    This countrywide event is a chance for people of all ages to get involved in all manner of fun tree-related events.

    In addition to The Tree Council, events are being organised by local authorities, community groups, schools and tree wardens – so there's likely to be something happening near you.

    The main purpose of this week is to raise awareness of the importance of trees and to inspire hundreds of thousands of people all over the country to plant around a million trees in their local communities.
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  • Open Day at West Bradley Orchards

      Apple Harvest Day The apple trees are laden and the harvest in Somerset begins in earnest in early September, and to celebrate the wonderful bounty of one of Somerset’s finest products The Orchard Pig, at West Bradley Orchards, near Glastonbury, hosts a day of events for all the family...

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