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When do I Plant a tree?

How much would a stand of trees be worth to your children?

A group of walnut trees begins to make nuts before the age of 15 and has timber potential at 25 years - each tree would be worth quite a bit at 50 years.

In another few decades, the trees would have made walnuts - walnut oil, walnut gifts to give - for many people to use and their value would rise all the time as timber, down to their roots, which are prized for sculpture (a varnished strip of root is a very tough thing, nice for making rustic door handles).

When should you plant a tree?

The 1st best answer is: twenty five years ago. 8-)
The 2nd best answer is: bareroot in winter to early spring, when the soil is not frozen on planting day.
The 3rd best answer is: any other time of year, if I buy it pot-grown and if I have the money and if I can water it regularly in dry weather after planting.

When should you not plant a tree?

The only times are: frozen soil or in summer if you can't water your plants regularly.

How do I make my tree grow faster?

Make up for your trees small root system by watering in dry weather and feeding in moderation.
Nitrogen fertiliser is for spring, potash is for autumn, if these are required. Always use a soil testing kit to check.
Applying Rootgrow at the time of planting assists enormously with rapid establishment.

A biodegradable mulch mat is for a single tree, a super tough, woven plastic sheet is used for hedges and some stands of trees. Recommended for low maintenance lovers!
Yearly mulching with rich compost and / or manure (do not pile it on the trunk) and keep weeds out.

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