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Jostaberry Ribes × nidigrolaria Josta From £6.99

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Loganberry Rubus x loganobaccus Ly 654 From £6.49
Blackberry, Karaka Black

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Blackberry, Karaka Black Rubus (hybrid) 'Karaka Black' From £6.95

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Boysenberry Rubus ursinus x idaeus Boysenberry From £3.95
Tayberry, Buckingham

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Tayberry, Buckingham Rubus fruticosus x ideaus Buckingham From £3.95

Hybrid berry canes such as Boysenberry, Tayberry, and Loganberry produce the giants of the berry world.
They freeze well and the fruit makes a fantastic, tasty and unusual addition to crumbles, summer puddings, fruit salads, or with cereal in the morning. 

Jostaberries are a sharp flavoured, extremely vigorous bush: a cross between currant and gooseberries that will crop reasonably well in quite shady locations - a lot of fun to grow if you have space for one!

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You can grow hybrid berries in a sunny spot along a wall or a fence, supporting them with horizontal wires.
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