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This selection of mini fruit trees is recommended for growing in large patio pots and in the borders of small gardens, and they can make a lovely ornamental specimen in any mixed border design. 

Mini fruit trees are perfect for children to learn about growing fruit trees, but there will be no swinging on these modest sized branches! 

Do mini fruit trees produce dwarf fruit?

No, your dwarf fruit trees do not produce dwarf fruit! Rather, they produce the same size and quality of fruit as a normal tree of the same variety. 
Their leaves and flowers are also the same.

It is only the woody growth of the tree's "body" that is small and slow growing. This slow growth is achieved through clever grafting techniques and specific dwarfing rootstocks.

Growing Fruit Trees in Pots

  • Patio fruit trees are only sold in pots, never bareroot, and can be planted year round.
  • The pots they arrive in are too small to grow in for a long time: your plants can rest in them for months if you keep them moist, not soaking or dry, but ideally, you should repot them right away and work your way up through larger pots to at least 25 litres. 
  • Potting up in stages requires only a few reusable pots, it saves potting soil, water, feed, and gets better performance from the tree when repotting is done well: a little bit of root disturbance increases subsequent root growth in the same way that trimming a hedge increases its bushiness!