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Bulbs in the Green Guide
Yodel Parcels 31 Jan 2017

Bulbs in the Green - What, When, How and Where? Bluebell woods are one of the natural wonders of the English landscape, shimmering blue beneath soaring elephant-grey tree trunks and a luminous green canopy above, usually glimpsed from the car as you whizz by on some errand. And, in a small way, ...

How to Plant Flower Bulbs
Julian Bosdari 18 May 2017

If you’re in the process of creating your ideal garden, planting a few bulbs here and there is a great way to incorporate colour and life into the picture you are painting. However, knowing how and when to plant these bulbs is essential in order to achieve the desired effect. To help you ou...

Tips for Storing Garden Bulbs
Julian Bosdari 19 May 2017

Traditionally, flower bulbs - and many tubers - have been lifted every year from beds, borders and pots and then stored to ensure that they are not damaged by squirrels, mice and other vermin as it was thought they would flower less freely in subsequent years if left in the ground. Received wisdo...

Winter Planting of Snowdrops in the Green
18 Jul 2016

Snowdrops in the green are snowdrops that have been freshly lifted while in leaf and very possibly in flower. This is done because, providing they are transplanted quickly, they establish more readily than stored snowdrop bulbs. Snowdrops are on the CITES list of plants that are potentially endan...

Spring Planting of Aconites in the Green
18 Jul 2016

Aconite Planting Advice  Aconites in the green are aconites that were lifted while in leaf and sometimes also when in flower. The reason for this is that, as long as they are replanted within a fairly short time, they tend to settle in more quickly than their stored and dried equivalents. A...

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