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Lifting & Storing Dahlias for Winter (Video)
Julian Bosdari 9 Nov 2020

How to Dig Up & Store Dahlia Tubers Overwinter Once Dahlias are nipped by the frost, it's a good time to dig them up and prepare for storage over the winter. You will need a garden fork, some pots or crates for storage in a cool, dry place, and something like vermiculite, sand, sawdust, or ...

Storing Potted Dahlias for Winter (Video)
Julian Bosdari 13 Nov 2020

How to Store your Potted Dahlias Overwinter Once late Autumn hits and the first frosts arrive, it's a good time to bring your potted Dahlias inside for storage over the winter.You will need some secateurs and, if you have a fair few pots, possibly some crates for storage. A cool, dry shed or gre...

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