Laburnum Trees | Laburnum anagyroides

Key Data
Shade Partial Shade
Soil Acidic, Alkaline/Chalky
Colour Yellow/Gold
Type Screening

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Laburnum Hedge Plants / Saplings - Delivered by Mail Order from the Nursery with a 1 Year Guarantee

Laburnum, Laburnum anagyroides, is a small tree with short strings of yellow flowers. It is usually grown as an ornamental tree and for this reason we now only sell the long flowered variety Laburnum vossii 'Golden Rain' which we always recommend in favour of seedling labiurnum such as these which we nolonger sell as they are too variable.

General description of Laburnum plants:
This is a good tree for a small garden and it will grow almost anywhere. Mature Laburnums are draped in densely packed, foot-long hanging chains of yellow flowers in May and June. The flowers hang in bunches from a head of young leaves, creating a rippled lemon and lime effect. The flowers ripen into hard seed pods, which look like brown runner beans. All parts of the Laburnum are poisonous and bitter tasting. 

History & uses of Laburnum anagyroides:
Laburnums are native to Southern Europe and have been cultivated in Britain since the 1500s. Laburnum heartwood from old trees is valuable; it is very dark brown and in the past it was known as false ebony. The sapwood is pale and creamy, so woodworkers can use the two tones to create interestingly coloured objects.

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