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Obsidian Blackberries

Key Data
Misc Self fertile
Shade Partial Shade
Soil Acidic, Alkaline/Chalky
Fruiting Early Fruiting
Type Eating

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Obsidian Blackberry Bushes

Description of Obsidian Plants & Fruit:
An early cropping variety with mightily big, beautifully glossy fruit, the Obsidian blackberry tops it off by being one of the heaviest croppers around.
Be patient - the fruit will aquire their best flavour only when they have turned totally black.

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Characteristics of Obsidian Bushes:

  • Self-fertile.
  • Thorny.
  • Fruit weight can be up to 6-7g.
  • Crop size can be up to 13kg.
  • Keep their colour & shape quite well when frozen.
  • Crops in August.

Growing Obsidian Blackberry Plants:

Because it's such a big cropper with large fruit, we do recommend a sunny spot to get the most out of Obsidian.

Read our detailed information on how to grow blackberries here.

Background Information on Obsidian Blackberry Bushes:
An American breed, created in 1993-1995 by the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS to its friends).
It's parents are from a series of blackberries known simply as ORUS - it probably won't help much to know that it was ORUS 828-43 and ORUS 1122-1 that gave rise to Obsidian (a.k.a. ORUS 1369-3).
The man behind the project was Dr Chad Finn.

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