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Black Poplar Sapling Trees

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The details

Populus nigra

Sapling Trees
  • Black Poplar
  • Very fast growing
  • Likes wet ground
  • Attacks old drains and foundations (beware)
  • Not suitable for a clipped hedge.
  • Good screening tree.
  • To 25m.
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Populus Nigra

Delivered by Mail Order Direct from our Nursery with a Year Guarantee

Black Poplar a large, fast-growing deciduous tree with a distinctive burred trunk.

The number of Black Poplars has been falling steadily for many years and there are a few thousand of them left in Britain. Less than 10% of the remaining trees are female and these are increasingly hybridizing with commercially grown poplar cultivars, creating highly variable offspring. It is its ability to regrow new trees from broken branches and roots that keeps the species alive in the wild.

Prized for its timber, Black Poplar rapidly grows into a rounded and heavy-branched tree.

The Black Poplar grows in all soils except shallow chalky ones and is tolerant of atmospheric pollution. Keep away from drains and foundations, as it has powerful roots. To 25m

Poplars, which are all fast-growing, make excellent screening trees and windbreaks, and they thrive in difficult (heavy and wet) soils where many other trees struggle.

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