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Roses - Availability List

Roses that are in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our roses are barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), so it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at our full list of roses for sale

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Absolutely Fabulous - Floribunda Rose - Absolutely Fabulous Bareroot 12
Amber Queen - Floribunda Rose - Amber Queen Bareroot 46
Arthur Bell - Floribunda Rose - Arthur Bell Bareroot 18
Ballerina - Shrub Rose Rose - Ballerina Bareroot 23
Belle de Jour - Bareroot Floribunda Rose Rose - Belle de Jour Bareroot 26
Blessings - Hybrid Tea Rose - Blessings H/T Bareroot 19
Buxom Beauty - Hybrid Tea Rose - Buxom Beauty Bareroot 9
Chinatown - Floribunda Rose - Chinatown Bareroot 3
Dearest - Floribunda Rose - Dearest Bareroot 17
Deep Secret - Hybrid Tea Rose - Deep Secret Bareroot 25
Diamond Jubilee - Hybrid Tea Rose - Diamond Jubilee Bareroot 23
English Miss Rose Rose - English Miss Bareroot 16
Fragrant Cloud - Hybrid Tea Rose - Fragrant Cloud Bareroot 4
Frau Dagmar Hastrup - Shrub Rose Rose - Frau Dagmar Hastrup Bareroot 13
Freedom Hybrid Tea Rose - Freedom Bareroot 6
Fritz Nobis - Shrub Rose Rose - Fritz Nobis Bareroot 11
Fruhlingsgold - Shrub Rose Rose - Fruhlingsgold Bareroot 3
Glenfiddich Floribunda Rose - Glenfiddich Bareroot 2
Golden Jubilee Rose - Golden Jubilee Bareroot 6
Golden Memories - Floribunda Rose - Golden Memories Bareroot 2
Golden Smiles - Floribunda Rose - Golden Smiles Bareroot 9
Golden Wings - Shrub Rose Rose - Golden Wings Bareroot 8
Happy Retirement - Floribunda-BAREROOT ROSE Rose - Happy Retirement Bareroot 13
Hot Chocolate - Floribunda Rose - Hot Chocolate Bareroot 6
Ice Cream Rose Rose - Ice Cream Bareroot 7
Iceberg Rose - Iceberg Floribunda Bareroot 2
Ingrid Bergman Rose - Ingrid Bergman Bareroot 14
Lady Marmalade - Floribunda Rose - Lady Marmalade Bareroot 13
Lovely Bride - Patio Rose Rose - Lovely Bride Bareroot 28
Lovestruck Rose - Lovestruck Bareroot 12
Lucky Rose - Lucky Bareroot 11
MacMillan Nurse - Shrub Rose Rose - MacMillan Nurse Bareroot 6
Maidens Blush - Shrub Roses Rose - Maidens Blush Bareroot 2
Margaret Merrill Rose - Margaret Merrill Bareroot 3
Moonlight - Shrub Roses Rose - Moonlight Bareroot 7
My Valentine Rose-BAREROOT ROSE Rose - My Valentine Bareroot 4
Oranges and Lemons - Floribunda Rose - Oranges and Lemons Bareroot 8
Piccadilly Rose - Piccadilly Bareroot 3
Prima Ballerina Rose - Prima Ballerina Bareroot 15
Queen Elizabeth Rose - Queen Elizabeth Bareroot 1
Red Devil Rose - Red Devil HT Bareroot 36
Renaissance Rose - Renaissance Bareroot 11
Rhapsody In Blue Rose - Rhapsody In Blue Bareroot 16
Rosa de Rescht - Shrub Rose Rose - de Rescht Bareroot 74
Royal William Rose Rose - Royal William Bareroot 9
Ruby Wedding - Hybrid Tea Rose - Ruby Wedding Bareroot 14
Sexy Rexy Rose - Sexy Rexy Bareroot 13
Silver Anniversary - Hybrid Tea Rose - Silver Anniversary Bareroot 24
Silver Jubilee Rose - Silver Jubilee Bareroot 4
Sunny Sky - Hybrid Tea Rose - Sunny Sky Bareroot 13
Super Star Hybrid Tea Rose - Super Star Bareroot 9
Sweet Honey - Floribunda Rose Rose - - Sweet Honey Bareroot 52
Valentine Heart - Floribunda Rose - Valentine Heart Bareroot 4
Velvet Fragrance Rose - Velvet Fragrance Bareroot 19

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