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Roses that are in stock and available for delivery as soon as possible. Because almost all our roses are barerooted and to keep quality as high as possible, your order is lifted after you have placed it (and we lift in batches), so it may be a few days before your plants are ready for packing. You will receive an email within two working days of ordering with a delivery estimate. If you want to see what is not in stock but will be available next season please have a look at our full list of roses for sale

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English Name Latin Name Size Quantity
Absolutely Fabulous - Floribunda Rose - Absolutely Fabulous BAREROOT ROSE 5
Alberic Barbier Rambling Rose Rose - Alberic Barbier BAREROOT ROSE 37
Alecs Red - Hybrid Tea Rose - Alecs Red Hybrid Tea BAREROOT ROSE 78
Alfred de Dalmas - Shrub Rose Rose - Alfred de Dalmas BAREROOT ROSE 11
Amber Queen - Floribunda Rose - Amber Queen BAREROOT ROSE 45
Arthur Bell - Floribunda Rose - Arthur Bell BAREROOT ROSE 71
Bobbie James - Rambling Roses Rose - Bobby James BAREROOT ROSE 39
Bride Hybrid Tea Rose - Bride H/T BAREROOT ROSE 5
Cecile Brunner - Climbing Rose Rose - Cecile Brunner Climber BAREROOT ROSE 23
Celine Forestier - Climbing Roses - Bareroot Rose - Celine Forestier BAREROOT ROSE 29
Crazy for You - Floribunda Rosa - Crazy for You BAREROOT ROSE 9
Dancing Queen Climbing Rose Rose - Dancing Queen BAREROOT ROSE 5
Easlea's Golden Rambler - Rambling Rose Rose - Easlea's Golden Rambler BAREROOT ROSE 3
Etoile De Hollande Rose - Etoile De Hollande CL BAREROOT ROSE 31
Fascination - Floribunda Rose - Fascination BAREROOT ROSE 50
Filipes Kiftsgate - Rambling Rose Rose - Filipes Kiftsgate BAREROOT ROSE 43
Freedom Hybrid Tea Rose - Freedom BAREROOT ROSE 9
Ice Cream Rose Rose - Ice Cream BAREROOT ROSE 21
Iceberg Rose - Iceberg Floribunda BAREROOT ROSE 60
Iceberg (Climber) Rose - Iceberg Climbing BAREROOT ROSE 16
Isnt She Lovely - Hybrid Tea Rose - Isnt She Lovely BAREROOT ROSE 26
Jacqueline du Pre - Shrub Rose Rose - Jacqueline du Pre BAREROOT ROSE 17
Jacques Cartier Shrub Rose Rose - Jacques Cartier BAREROOT ROSE 24
Just Joey Rose - Just Joey HT BAREROOT ROSE 15
Konigin von Danemark - Shrub Rose Rose - Konigin von Danemark BAREROOT ROSE 42
Loving Memory - Hybrid Tea Rose - Loving Memory BAREROOT ROSE 57
Lucky Rose - Lucky BAREROOT ROSE 21
Maidens Blush - Shrub Roses Rose - Maidens Blush BAREROOT ROSE 19
Maigold - Climbing Rose Rose - Maigold BAREROOT ROSE 28
Mme Pierre Oger - Shrub Roses Rose - Madame Pierre Oger BAREROOT ROSE 9
Mum in a Million - Hybrid Tea Rose - Mum in a Million BAREROOT ROSE 138
Papi Delbard - Climbing Roses Rose - Papi Delbard BAREROOT ROSE 17
Parade - Climbing Rose Rose - Parade BAREROOT ROSE 35
Pascali - Hybrid Tea Rose - Pascali BAREROOT ROSE 23
Pauls Himalayan Musk - Rambling Rose Rose - Pauls Himalayan Musk BAREROOT ROSE 9
Pink Perpetue Rose - Pink Perpetue BAREROOT ROSE 7
Rhapsody In Blue Rose - Rhapsody In Blue BAREROOT ROSE 18
Rosa de Rescht - Shrub Rose Rose - de Rescht BAREROOT ROSE 60
Seagull Rose - Seagull BAREROOT ROSE 26
Sombreuil - Climbing Roses Rose - Sombreuil BAREROOT ROSE 15
Southampton Rose - Southampton BAREROOT ROSE 15
Summer Beauty - Floribunda Rose - Summer Beauty BAREROOT ROSE 9
Swan Lake Rose - Swan Lake BAREROOT ROSE 31
The Fairy Rose Rose - The Fairy BAREROOT ROSE 8

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