David Austin Modern English Rose Bushes for Sale

The Best David Austin English Rose Varieties

David Austin Modern English Roses are some of the loveliest and most highly scented roses available today. They are bred from crosses between old shrub roses and modern varieties, striving for the best characteristics of both: the look and scent of Old Roses like Gallicas, Damasks, and Alba roses, and the new colours and flowering stamina of modern Hybrid Teas and Floribundas.
Most are classified here as Modern English Shrub roses, with a few Climbers and Ramblers. 

With about 40 varieties in stock, this is a large selection of the best and most varied David Austin roses; we mainly exclude roses from this list because they are about the same as one of those already listed, or sometimes because their disease resistance is merely "good", rather than "excellent". 

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All the plants in this section have a Year Guarantee, with free delivery on orders over £60. Best advice & support throughout. 

David Austin varieties are marked with a copyright/trademark symbol ®, and they have a second name e.g. A Shropshire Lad - 'Ausled'

David Austin 1926 – 2018 

Many of the images used are courtesy of David Austin Roses.

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  1. David Austin: English Shrub

    Bareroot Rose Plants
    • 'Auskitchen'
    • Height: up to about 1m
    • Width: up to 80 cm
    • Colour: deep pink
    • Shape of flower: deep cup, large flowers
    • Scent: light, tea rose
    • Flowering: repeat through summer
    • Group: David Austin Roses
    • RHS AGM Winner
    From £20.34  Inc VAT


  2. David Austin: English Shrub

    Bareroot Rose Plants
    • 'Ausbonny'
    • Height: to 0.9 m
    • Width: to 0.9 m
    • Colour: pale pink, paler outer edge of petals
    • Shape of flower: quartered rosettes
    • Size of flower: 10-15 cm
    • Scent: pleasing, fresh
    • Flowering: all summer
    • Rain resistant!
    • Partial shade
    From £20.34  Inc VAT


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