Blackberry Bushes

You can buy blackberries from one of the largest ranges available online here. Thornless, early, late, small and large; we sell them all. We also sell a large range of other Soft Fruit Plants.

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  1. Wild Blackberries in October

    Blackberry - Rubus fruticosus

    From £1.20
    Rubus fruticosus - 40 - 60cms Bushes
    • Native bramble. Thorny, blackberries in late summer.
    • Self fertile.
    • Good ground cover for wildlife.
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.

  2. Chester Blackberries

    Chester Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Medium size fruit, sweet.
    • Big, vigorous plant.
    • Crops Aug until winter frosts.

  3. Karaka Black Blackberry Plants

    Karaka Black Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Slightly Thorny.
    • Massive fruit, mild tangy flavour.
    • Small plant.
    • Crops Mid-July - September.
    • Resistant to Grey Mould.

  4. Ripe Loch Ness Blackberry in August

    Loch Ness Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Small fruit, sharp, wild flavour.
    • Compact, upright plant, good for pots.
    • Crops Mid-Aug - Mid-September.

  5. Loch Tay Blackberry Plant

    Loch Tay Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thornless.
    • Small fruit, sweet flavour - excellent.
    • Compact, upright plant, good for pots.
    • Crops Mid/Late-July - Mid-September.

  6. Pot grown Obsidian Blackberry plants

    Obsidian Blackberry Plants

    From £7.25
    • Thorny.
    • Medium-large fruit, heavy crops, good flavour.
    • Quite large plant.
    • Crops through August.

  7. Reuben Primocane Blackberries

    Reuben Blackberry Plants

    From £3.85
    • Large fruit.
    • Upright growth, ideal for dense planting.
    • The first primocane blackberry!
    • Crops on the current year's growth.

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