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Hybrid Berry Bushes - Boysenberry, Tayberry & Loganberry

Hybrid berry bushes such as Boysenberry, Tayberry and Loganberry plants produce the giants of the berry world. They all freeze well and the fruit makes a fantastic, tasty and unusual addition to crumbles and summer puddings as well as fruit salads or just as one of your five a day on a bowl of granola in the morning!
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  1. Boysenberry Plants

    Boysenberry Plants

    From £7.25
    Boysenberries are drought resistant & taste like wild blackberries

    Out of Stock

  2. Buckingham Thornless Tayberry Plants

    Buckingham Tayberry Plants

    From £7.25
    A nearly thornless tayberry plant.

  3. Loganberry Bushes

    Loganberry Plants

    From £7.25
    Crops Late July-September. Fruit are ideal for cooking.

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