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Pax gooseberry plants produce large, red, round, sweet fruit. You can eat them straight off the bush which is exactly what our nursery staff do as they ripen on the nursery. Pax is a really good doer. It is noticeably disease resistant, especially as regards mildew. It can be grown as a bush, or if you prefer it is also an excellent gooseberry to train on 3 horizontal wires between stakes when it crops very heavily indeed. Ideal to grow on the staining wires at the end of a row of raspberries.

Your Pax gooseberry bushes are grown here in the UK, and each have between 3-5 shoots of 20-25cms if delivered in the winter. Summer plants are a little bigger as they are in full growth. Unless training on wires - when they can be spaced at 80 cms plant Pax gooseberries at 140 cms centres and with 150cms between rows.

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