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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • Is it a Bulb? Is it a Corm? (...and what is the difference?)

    Why do gardeners love flowering bulbs so much? If you think of some of our favourite flowers through the seasons—snowdrops in winter, daffodils in spring, lilies in summer, the Christmas amaryllis and the now so trendy alliums — then bulbs are an integral part of our gardening culture. But what...
  • March Gardens to See

    All around the country gardens are whisking off the dust covers, getting out the china and throwing open their gates to a new season of garden visitors. Nothing cheers you up after a grey winter as  much as a cheery display of daffs and spring shrubs in far greater numbers...
  • Chatterpie

    Magpie Spring starts this year on 20th March - that is the date of the Vernal Equinox. There is another calendar, and another date, but I prefer the astronomical calendar because it follows the natural movements of our Earth around the Sun. The other calendar, the meteorological calendar, has the...

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