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  • It is BEAUTIFUL Lawn... but where is the grass?

    There is no doubt about it but lawns occupy a special place in the hearts of most UK gardeners - especially male ones. That stretch of closely cropped grass sets off herbaceous borders, is the site of vicious games of croquet and more considerate games of bowls. Apparently they have...
  • Winter 2016 Photo Competition

    Our Winter 2016 photo competition is now open for entries! Enter today for a chance to win £100 in Ashridge Nurseries Gift vouchers! Fancy bagging yourself £100 in vouchers to spend with us? Well you're in luck as we are giving away £200 in vouchers, £100 to one lucky winner each...
  • December deadlines

    We put wrapping up presents pretty far down the list of essential things to do in December, or at least in daylight hours. It is far more important to keep staggering into the garden and the December focus might well be on fruit trees, and by this we mean fruits...
  • Looking good now and for all four seasons. Really?

    If you want a wisp of spring to hang onto at this time of year then invest in a winter flowering cherry tree (Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis').  A slip of a thing, this tree is slender and slightly twiggy. Although it can grow up to 7 metres it rarely does...
  • Baying at the moon...

    Leaving the flowery lot to wax poetical about their roses and those super-full moon watchers to their nighttime vigils, the more Vorsprung Durch Technik of you may be pining after structure, clean lines, verticals and such like. The punctuation marks of this particular gardening grammar are shapely or evenly shaped...
  • A bit of a November nudge

    Governments are fond of using the word 'nudging' in the context of 'nudging' you to do the 'right thing'. In November, clearly the right thing is to persevere outside while the soil is still workable to prepare the ground for your new cutting garden and for your gooseberry plants, whether...
  • Trees for Clay Soils

    Trees for Clay Soils This is a reasonably long list of the trees that like growing on heavy clay soil. We don't grow all of them, this is intended to be a reference for garden projects big & small - don't say we never treat you! Acer - Maple &...
  • March Gardens to See

    All around the country gardens are whisking off the dust covers, getting out the china and throwing open their gates to a new season of garden visitors. Nothing cheers you up after a grey winter as  much as a cheery display of daffs and spring shrubs in far greater numbers...
  • Of Peregrine Falcons and other top predators

    It’s well into Autumn, but the sun is out and I’m in a t-shirt and feeling hot. In every direction I look I see nothing but open grassland intersected bordered with native hedging. Only the distant sound of sporadic machine gun fire detracts from the ageless landscape. I seem to have...
  • Looking back at 2013; a good year for wildlife!

    In many ways 2013 has been a very good year. After a long cold spring we finally had a summer to remember. Our native spring flowering plants benefited from an extended flowering period. For the first time in two years there was an abundance of butterflies. Many of our fruiting trees and shrubs produced a bumper crop. We even had memorable fungi filled Autumn

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